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EADSIM Training

The training approach is simple in concept and thorough in approach. Model theory and operation are taught in a lecture format; "Hands-On" exercises use the theory and operation to build and execute scenarios. Application of this progressive training process to each of the model elements assures development of user skills and understanding of EADSIM.

2019 EADSIM Training Schedule

All classes start at 8:00 AM Central time

Basic Course (Highlights, Schedule, and Cost Information)

EADSIM Fundamentals - This course covers the basic information and skills needed to develop models to evaluate system, technical, and operational performance.

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Advanced Courses (Highlights, Schedule, and Cost Information)

EADSIM User Rules - This course focuses on the concepts of the User Rules capability in operation across a variety of engagement types.

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EADSIM Sensors - This course covers details of the various sensor models, from application of simple modeling techniques to detailed representations to associated C3 for emissions control.

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EADSIM Flex CDR/SAM - This course delves deeply into the building blocks of SAM/C3 modeling, including a greater depth into the outputs that illustrate performance and lead to Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) and Measures of Performance (MOPs).

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Lab Environment

Our training lab contains significant workstation resources. Students choose lab partners from their fellow students, and each pair has exclusive access to an EADSIM ready PC workstation for the duration of the class. Use the product to accomplish the training exercises while full-time instructors provide immediate assistance.

Location Map - Detailed map of the TBE EADSIM Training Center Location.

Hotel Information

NOTICE: Teledyne Brown Engineering is dedicated to providing a healthy and productive work environment for our employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. Therefore, it is the policy of Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. (TBE) to prohibit smoking and the use of all other tobacco products at TBE-owned and -leased properties. This policy applies to all persons in or on TBE properties to include employees, contractors, customers, and visitors on all shifts. This policy will be effective on October 15, 2007.